We could blather on about how passionately we feel about video, how enjoyable and easy we make the production process from start to finish etc etc...but why should you believe us? Of course we'd say that!!  So we have included testimonials from our wonderful clients we have worked with on varied projects.



"I work for an online health company Roadtohealth Group and desperately needed to produce a short animation style video to quickly explain what our complicated business was all about. I tried to produce some sketches and animation designs first but was going no where... Then I tried Kimberley Le Blanc at Relish Video Production.


Kimberley quickly understood what we wanted to achieve and helped us create the brief in order to produce the video. The quality of the video was amazing and was a real privilege to work with such a talented professional.


I highly recommend Relish to other business owners who need a video producing because they really listen to your needs and always do what they say they are going to do."


Craig Atkins

Road to Health


"We met Kimberley in August 2011 when we decided we wanted to develop interesting footage of our products to show on our new web site.


Having 30 years of combined experience in the consultancy sector we had an incredible desire to bring a fresh, positive approach to our marketing materials. Having worked hard to shape our business to offer a refreshing change to old-paradigm consultancies, we needed some excellent footage to support our unique business transformational products and services


Kimberley got to work with us straight away, she understood our methodologies and approaches really quickly, and she became so passionate about our products and services it was almost like she was a member of our team


We then got to work on the scripts and planned the film shoot. Kimberley was absolutely exceptional nothing was too much trouble, planning and coordination superb, just what we needed in order to deliver the filming on time!


On the day of filming of course Kimberly was there, she helped put us at ease, patiently supported the shoots and fantastically helped us transform our filming into really powerful footage that is now viewed by 100’s daily on our web site


Kimberley is one of the nicest most professional people I have ever met who will without doubt have a massive positive impact on any filming project she is involved in. I would strongly recommend engaging with Kimberley and the team if you are thinking of embarking on a filming project, sincere thanks Kimberley"


Mike Bresnihan


The Frank Boys


"I was introduced to Kimberley Le Blanc over a year ago as I was looking for creative support to launch our second group engagement survey. I wanted to raise awareness of the survey amongst our 500 employees across the globe in a fun, interactive and innovative way. Kimberley was the right choice! From coming up with creative concepts to delivering the final video we used, Kimberley and her team were a joy to work with. The 97% response rate to our survey reflects the success of the video we launched.


What makes Kimberley stand out is her passion and commitment. She was in touch with us the whole way through"


Lucy Clementson-Mills, Chartered FCIPD

The BBI Group

"Relish provide a good video service. They work discreetly to capture the mood as well as the detail of an event. We were very pleased with the videos they made of Women Outside The Box 2012."


Joni Farthing

Director at Women Outside The Box

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